Sunday, January 17, 2010

Consumer Reports Best Baby Products-Review!

Baby Formula:

Hello everyone I hope you get to see
this post. My computer is still on the fritz:( But I had prior obligations before that happened. So I'm going to try and fufill those obligations as promised, whether my computer is a piece a junk or not. So here goes. I was sent the book Consumer Reports Best Baby Products by :

MomSelect & Maria Bailey

So here is my review!

Also I was not paid to do this review
but I was sent this book. So I guess that
could be considered compensation in a

Feeding your baby formula may cost you as
much as $2oo0 by his/her first birthday! Wow!

Try breast feeding if you can. The AAP recommends
breast feeding exclusively for a baby's first six months.

But if you must give your baby formula here are the
best choices. Ones that contain DHA/ARA synthesized
versions of the essential fatty acids that are naturally
found in breast milk. Here are the choices:

Organic Formulas:

1. Baby's Only(makes dairy,soy,and lactose
free formulas for toddlers)

2. Bright Beginnings(dairy)

3. Earth's Best(dairy and soy)

4. Parent's Choice(dairy:Walmart store brand)

5. Similac Organic(dairy)

There is more, but you have to read
the book!

Each of these formulas includes DHA& ARA


Organic formula is a little more expensive
than Non-Organic but you can find deals
online or by buying the store brand. If you
would like to know more about DHA or ARA

Go here:


This review is what I gathered
from I read about DHA/ARA
please do not take my review
as gospel. You can form your
own opinion by reading this
book Consumer Reports Best
Baby Products. Start on page

Thanks for reading my review!

Tanya Patterson:)

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